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The company has advanced equipment,the resin sand shop hsa one resin sand production line that can produce 5000T resin sand per year, 2 groups of 2T intermediate frequency furnace.;The green sand workshop has one production line that can produce 5000T green sand per year, 2T intermediate frequency furnace 2 groups.The machining workshop has 2 CNC machining centers,like VMC169, VMC850 and 3 CNC lathes. General lathe C61000 type ·CW6280 type and some of its milling machine · drilling machine; The center laboratory has 1 set of all-spectrum direct reading spectrometer imported from Germany, wew-300 hydraulic universal testing machine, xjp-sa metallographic instrument, hb-3000 cloth hardness tester, sxp-4y box resistance furnace and other advanced detection equipment.

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